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Take your chest measurement just under the arms, closely around the body, round the chest.

Unisex shirts

Man measurements (cm)<8585-9392-9795-101101-118
Woman measurements (cm)<8282-9492-9796-102102-120
Bob Carpenter measurements3638404244

Details fitting Bob Carpenter

Collar size (cm)3638.54041.544.5
Chest (cm)90100104116126
Arms (cm)<5063656668
Bob Carpenter measurements3638404244

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115 €   49 €

100% cotton two ply oxford sky-blue shirt
Matched with two blue cotton and one checked yellow and white horizontal stripes
Small buttoned collar
Long sleeves and unmatched sleeve tab checked yellow and white poplin to fold up the sleeves
Triangle lined and unmatched made of blue cotton
Cuff height 4 centimeters
White buttons and white buttonholes

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