Bob Carpenter, young groundbreaking brand, has been founded in Paris by Charlotte Ronsseray, its designer. Bob Carpenter differs by revisiting and modernizing classics from men’s wardrobe. Bob Carpenter’s shirts and blazers stand out through a key element that gives all its uniqueness of the models. The brand offers items with character unmistakable thanks to creative and graphical twists as well as material mixes. Bob Carpenter is also concern by the world it is moving in, by creating an unexpected aesthetics tinged with off the wall humor. That is the origin of Bob Carpenter’s hilarious universe. Bob Carpenter presents a fresh collection with clean and geometrics design plus sporty influences. The collection is in a quest of simplicity with a clean graphics. Basics are purified with no austerity? and the 13 shirt models keep on playing with materials against a backdrop of pastel colours. Ringlets navy-blue cotton, light-mint flax or pale-yellow short sleeves respond back to coloured graphical embroideries. All in all it gives a clean chic nature to the nautical field as imagined by Bob Carpenter. Ones eventually need to know that the brand enjoys cover tracks and plays with gender codes by claiming itself unisex. All the models therefore exist also in size 36 for women. The 2015 brand’s pride is to have opened its first Parisian shop. Bob Carpenter also present in Automon 2016 a capsule collection in collaboration with Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.